What is Sourcelist?

Sourcelist is a database of qualified experts in technology policy from diverse backgrounds. It is built on the principle that technology policy stands to benefit from the inclusion of the ideas, perspectives, and recommendations of a broader array of people. Its purpose is to aid journalists, conference organizers, and others in identifying and connecting with expert sources beyond those in their existing Rolodexes.

What does Sourcelist do?

Sourcelist does not seek to diagnose the root causes of representation disparity—an issue the technology policy community has long recognized. Instead, it seeks to use technology to eliminate one of the hurdles to better representation: difficulty identifying experts of particular backgrounds. By creating a user-friendly resource that allows individuals to rapidly search a pool of experts by background or specialty, Sourcelist seeks to eliminate the all-too-common excuse that diverse individuals could not be located to participate on a panel, contribute to a news story, or otherwise engage in the public discourse around technology policy.

Why did we build Sourcelist?

Recognizing that women and underrepresented genders in technology policy—a field at the intersection of Silicon Valley and the Washington Beltway—face a particular set of institutional barriers, we dedicated the first Sourcelist database to Women+. Issues associated with underrepresentation have not gone unnoticed, and countless organizations have made important progress in raising awareness of the problem and educating stakeholders on the importance of greater gender diversity. Sourcelist seeks to help in the last mile of those efforts; it is a resource for those looking to put good intention into practice.

You need more diverse experts in technology policy. That includes Women+. Sourcelist has them.

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